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The seminar is conducted at the premises of the St. Joseph Art School of Grottaferrata and is held by Ing. Chiara Rossi of team. We discuss tourism and how art, particularly photography, associated with an intriguing story based on the principles of Digital Story Telling, can help increase the interest of tourists in our villages and towns.

The portal is aimed at travellers and experiential tourists who have been excited by images and stories. Experiential tourists are in search of positive experiences and cultural events related to art in the broadest sense.

The seminar will increase the understanding by the students in this type of tourism and give them a clue not just of the type of Photograph but also of the ‘entrepreneurial’ aspect that can help them in their journey of professional growth and to find their areas of interest.

On this occasion, the St. Joseph Art School of Grottaferrata and the portal announce a photo contest reserved for the school students. The photographs will be used by the portal for the promotion of the towns.

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