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With this # we decided to start an operation to support tourism in the smaller towns which practically coincides with the survival of the communities themselves.

Since January, 2020 has turned into a decisive year of great changes. Starting with the COVID-19 epidemic, which began in China early in the year and which today is engloying the whole world in a general hysteria and in particular Italy.

Today Italy has become the bearer of the world and the first industry affected is tourism: deserted airports, suspended cruises and canceled trains.

If tourists can’t come, and our facilities can’t work, what can we do?

How to react to Coronavirus?

We started publishing videos on the Discover Youtube channel to give advice on how not to panic and depression and start reacting.

As the editorial staff of Discoverplaces, we have been dealing for years with the promotion of the territories and minor villages, of our Lazio Region and throughout Italy, with our Tourist Guides and the stories of traditions and folklore that characterizes us so much.

We also have a very popular newsletter on the weekend events that are now suspended.

So we thought:

“If we have to stay at home, we continue to work and make aspiring tourists travel to our country with stories and information that can be used digitally. This is the time to promote ourselves, in the positive light of our beauty and our cultural value “.

In this first video we talk about a great opportunity to start a story of our heritage.

We launched the slogan “We were the most beautiful, we are the most beautiful and we will be the most beautiful” and offered our help for all Italian countries. We just have to look at our beauty and promote it with stories and digital material to make it discover to the world.

Our task will be to edit, translate and upload to the site.

We are not afraid, we will not have it, and we must make it clear to the people who live in those countries that now look at us with different eyes.




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