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Aquino on November 2, Discoverplaces was invited to join in this ancient tradition of the distribution of the ‘Fave for the Dead’ in St. Thomas Square.

Alessandra Pellegalli, a researcher at the University of Naples, organized a meeting and seminar in the square to promote not only the feast but also Aquino Fava, an original and native legume. The researchers from CREA, the Italian research institute dealing with agriculture, and the CNR, explained the connection.

The event was attended by Salvatore Basile founder of Bio-Distretti, an international organization born in Cilento, which promotes a culture of sustainability, starting from agriculture and food preparation.

After the tasting there was a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Aquino with the director Marco Germani with whom we have established forms of joint promotion of Aquinum, the Roman city, Aquino, the present day town, and the museum, linking the two. In short, an event is planned worthy of being promoted in a special way.

A special day that is the beginning of a common path for this centre of Ciociaria that deserves to be known by a higher number of national and international tourists. This is the task that has been assigned to


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