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An interesting meeting organized by the Horse Museum Foundation for the presentation of the book ‘Beyond the Great Wall’ by Ambassador Alberto Bradanini. An opportunity for a reflection on the World Cup and 2022 Attacks on Vivaro and on how to prepare the territory to seize this opportunity.
The ambassador illustrated China with its 10-year experience of residency and collaboration with this country that has seen it blossom. It was in Hong Kong in 1997 when it returned from the United Kingdom to China, a historic moment for the whole planet that changed the world’s geopolitical balance.
Today the ambassador is the president of a Center for Studies on Contemporary China and he told how following the teachings of Confucius one can understand how to structure a proposal that can create a lasting bond with this huge country.
According to the ambassador, the Chinese are pragmatic but they want to dream and their great wealth today opens all the doors to the world for us so we must not miss strategy and tactics.
The presentation of the book was followed by a debate attended by the mayor Anna Gentili of Rocca Priora, Maria Vittori president of the Foundation, the delegate mayor of Rocca di Papa, the president of FISE Marco di Paola and prof. Carla Persichini delegated by the rector of Rome 4 (university of the Foro Italico) moderated by Bruno Grassetti.
The challenge for everyone is to have a common strategy to present ourselves to the Chinese market in order to simultaneously promote Italian sport, the innovative proposal in the university world such as that of the degree course with equestrian sport address and the splendid territory of the Roman castles.
The glue of all this is given by the culture of the relationship between horse and rider represented by the Foundation and by its knowledge of China, a knowledge that will continue to spread in the world of Italian horse riding with other meetings in Italy and China.

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