2 ministers of Culture and Tourism, Luo Shugang for China and Dario Franceschini for Italy, numerous experts and entrepreneurs: this is the synthesis of a day that began in the morning and ended with an evening concert.
In the splendid setting of the Rome Auditorium, the year of Culture and Tourism between Italy and China was inaugurated, declared by President Xi Jinping and Sergio Mattarella.
Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Undersecretary for Tourism, opened the first part of the meetings with thematic workshops on the various aspects of modern tourism and especially those related to cultural tourism. Especially for the fact that China and Italy have the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and can be considered cultural superpowers.
The interesting conclusions were that today Chinese tourists are also moving more and more by choosing individual trips.

Over 50% do not rely on travel agencies but plan the trip alone looking for inspiration on the internet.
It is therefore important to be present on the web to be found. If the Italian places are not on the web, it is as if they did not exist. And this means that if the Italians understood this data we will have a lot of work to continue doing together.
We are already on the web and our stories in English are read all over the world!

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