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Life is all a surprise so between a skipped dinner and a ride by car from a friend we arrived in Senigallia. In a hotel right in front of the fantastic Rotonda sul Mare sung by Fred Buongusto.
On the one hand I would have liked to take a better picture than that of Nando Potenti (but this is rather difficult) and on the other I happened to visit the most sustainable plant in Italy, Bagni 77.

I witnessed the simultaneous closure of all the umbrellas thanks to a device powered by solar energy.
A bit like seeing the changing of the guard … same emotion while waiting. An interesting dinner of Neapolitan cuisine and I would have liked to take a stroll in the swan on the water, but I am no longer 6 years old and they have not admitted me.

Senigallia is to be explored, but the welcome in the hotel leaves something to be desired. How can you be at breakfast, ask if I can have an ‘American coffee’ and receive an answer from a frowning gentleman: ‘no, but I will.’
I think there is a great need for a ‘friend of the tourist’ reception school. Instead the taxi driver was very nice. But from Bologna.

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