How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

In Calabria, one story leads to another … and in times like these, union is strength even in the digital world!

In this video we return to Calabria, after tasting its dishes with the recipe by our Chiara Rossi, we dive into its clear glasses of rosé and red wines with a strong character, as much as the land that gives them birth.

Let’s discover the wines of Calabria together with Fabio Ciarla, with whom we started a collaboration with his portal Enoagricola Blog. Together we want to tell and promote the territories through one of the symbolic products of Italy: wine.

And who better than Fabio? Journalist, sommelier with an overwhelming passion. Let’s embrace (digitally) our two portals in a common goal!


#italianisuperanotutto #futuronellenostreradici

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