How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

Do you know Leonessa? This story was born thanks to a doctor, a special person, and love for his town …

We have reached the tenth part of our video snapshots, Italy is still in quarantine but love does not stop, especially if it is the one for your town.

In these years we have met many special people, one of them is the Health Director of S.S. Lazio, Ivo Pulcini! He comes from Leonessa, a village in the province of Rieti, he is madly in love with his town, and even in these times he does not stop thinking about the future of his town, imagining and organizing events to rediscover the Leonessano spirit even for the youngest.

We gave him the Town Ambassador award for his love and his great activity.

This year, besides the Petata Leonessana Festival, there should have been Mother’s Day celebrated in the squares and streets of Leonessa. We do not know if we will be able to see it in all its splendour, but Ivo is a person who does not give up, and if it is not this year, it will be next!

Leonessa and the tourist guide that we have published is a true testament of love, proof that we are all linked to our town in an indissoluble way, in memories and in DNA, we only have to dig into our hearts!


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