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From Leonessa to Cellino San Marco

In the tenth part of our video pills we talked about how love for a town can lead its “children” to create great things. Now let’s go further south to Cellino San Marco.

Many of you will surely have heard of it, it is the birthplace of the singer Albano Carrisi, and of another very special person who, with his determination and love for his country, has allowed us to start a journey of discovery and promotion of Cellino San Marco.

Albano fell in love with his town many years ago thanks to Romina Power who, with new eyes, showed him the beauty of a Cellino he could not see on his own.

Even for us it is like this every time we discover a new village, it is thanks to its protagonists who help us to see it with eyes full of love and opportunity.

Fresh and young eyes, like those of Fausto D’Agostino, the young doctor who contacted us, starting our love story with Cellino San Marco. Thanks to him we met Albano, and published Cellino’s guide on the web.

The road is still long, and we continue to walk, even if digitally!


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