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Prof. Nicolò Costa, Coordinator for the Degree in Tourism Sciences at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, organized a series of seminars to facilitate the meeting between universities and businesses.

The seminar is part of a larger program, edited directly by the Rector, who wants to identify a new way of supporting the business world with special internships.

The three souls of the degree course in tourism: business, culture and sport participated, and there were talks about new behavioral models in which people have become ‘prosumer’ and play an active role in the tourism economy.

This term, used for years in energy, indicates a person who is both a consumer and a producer at the same time and today has also entered the tourism sector. Tourists are active people and co-produce tourism. For example, the transformation of second homes into receptive structures, thanks to new portals and organizations, has in fact transformed people into micro-operators.

During the afternoon, start-ups of the Startup Tourism Association were presented, to which we immediately registered.

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