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This Thursday we talked about Casperia perched in the splendid Province of Rieti, together with its Mayor Marco Cossu!

Casperia is considered among the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy and is located on the slopes of Monte Pizzuto, the highest ever in Sabina together with many other peaks that are always among the highest. The presence of the Fonte Cognolo spring is important, which for all trekking enthusiasts looking for adventure can be reached with a path that goes up to a refuge, at an altitude of 1080 meters.

Among the typical dishes of Casperia there are the inimitable stringozzi, a type of local pasta seasoned in various ways, to be enjoyed during the festivals dedicated to this typical dish or in some local restaurant. The Amaretti are also delicious, made in the same way as a meringue.

A village that we look forward to seeing again, and that in the meantime you can get to know with our Casperia Tourist Guide.

We continue our journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting villages of Lazio with our weekly appointment together with Radio Radio and ANCI Lazio, in the broadcast “Amico Comune”, where every Thursday talk about a town of the Lazio Region together with its Mayor.

We look forward to returning to attend its events once this emergency is over.

See you next week in the company of our listeners

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