How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

Calabria, my Calabria … today’s video is a tribute to our friend Pasquale’s love for his land!

In the last few days we have asked you to share the stories of your towns, to build the memories and the hope that once the quarantine is over we will return to enjoy our villages more than ever!

Pasquale is a member of our Discover Calabria group, and he impressed us with his story of the village of Galatri, the town in Calabria where he was born and raised.

We have published the guide of this town on our portal, in Italian and English, now we are looking for help one last time to embellish it with photographs and stories … who will join us?


#italianisuperanotutto #ilfuturonellenostreradici

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