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We’ve only just begun!

Despite the numerous obstacles facing, such as the current pandemic and the resulting quarantine, we knew we had to keep moving forward.

No sooner had the campaign #IlFuturoNelleNostreRadici (#theFutureIsInOurRoots) begun, than we were joined by the AMBIENTE News publishing company, a media partner whose contribution is coordinated by its editor-in-chief Antonio Rancati.

The passion for the environment and the sustainability of local territories that motivates AMBIENTE News makes it one of the most active, widely followed environmental organisations of its kind anywhere in the world.

And we share its dynamic, enterprising vision in full. 

Which is why we have decided, together with them, to award a prize to the story that best highlights the ties of local areas to instances of natural beauty.

Both our organisations will continue to collect stories, in the hope of relieving some of the pressure and difficulties of these times of mass solitude, at the same time that we do our best to remind everyone that the world is made of millions of intertwined roots.

In other words, none of us are ever alone.  So here’s hoping for the best of success in all our endeavours. 

Or, as Antonio would say, ‘Let’s do this!’

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