A beautiful day in the conference room and in the refectory attached to the suggestive Cistercian Abbey of Fossanova to listen to biodiversity experts from the Lepini Mountains and to reflect on how to promote sustainable tourism in these territories.
A morning enchanted by the wonders of the 6 Natural Monuments found in the Lepini Mountains area and a fruitful exchange of ideas with the President of the Caetani Foundation who manages the Garden of Ninfa and the Castle of Sermoneta.
A praise to the Compagnia dei Lepini and its president Quirino Briganti who are the organizers of the event and who designed it being careful to involve the scientific parties and local operators. A provocative intervention by Giuliano Tallone of the Lazio Region Regional Tourism Observatory opened the workshop where we were invited to give our contribution.
The appointment now in its sixth edition has seen a strong participation of the public and university students and this leaves us with a positive image of a dynamic territory that wants to be known by the world.

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