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Our region in terms of hiking offers uncontaminated landscapes and mountains to be explored, for the most part well-equipped for hiking & trekking activities, the Monte Autore is one of those places “around the corner” from home where with an hour car-ride is possible immerse yourself in a stunning landscape, among immense beech woods and barren hills that overlook the Ernici mountains range and if the day permits, you can also admire the Abruzzo Region.

Leaving from Campo dell’Osso in Livata, you follow a path whose first part crosses a grazing area for animals, also used by campers for a brief camping stop, and then plunge into an uncontaminated beech forest where in this time of the year it is possible to admire the blooming of crocuses and small orchids.

You walk until you reach the opening of the “Monna dell’orso”, a part of the path that crosses the ridge of the mountain range and overlooks the village of Vallepietra (Province of Rome) where you can also admire the famous sanctuary of the Holy Trinity.

Continuing on the path you pass through an area called the “Vedute” (views), we’ll let you do the thinking  on why that is, and straight to the beginning of the climb to Monte Autore, the last stretch to get to the top is not very phisically demanding and it is absolutely worth it.

1800 meters of altitude, the total round trip back to Campo dell’Osso was 12 km in total, ideal for lovers of botany due to the presence of various herbaceous species of great botanical interest and for the voracious walkers who do not fear land and paths that put the their physical skills to the test.

View of Vallepietra from “Monna dell’Orso”

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