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The castle and its knight!

The future is in our roots, strong ties that grow day by day. Like that of Andrea Selvini, our dear friend from Ceccano where he was born and raised. Andrea has been promoting and enhancing the castle of this beautiful village for years with the Cultores Artium association.

Castello di Ceccano is a manor house that if it could speak it would have millions of stories to tell. Once home to powerful families who ruled the County of Ceccano and in the Middle Ages it was here that European fortunes were decided.

Still today, with its presence, it dominates the territory of Ferrara, and the heart of our Andrea. The Cultores Artium Association, a group of friends who are passionate about history and their common roots, takes care of the stone heart of the castle by welcoming tourists who are curious to visit it.

Andrea and his castle have been far apart because of the emergency we are experiencing. He sent us his love letter, of hope, that one day as soon as possible they will return to welcome tourists and curious from all over the world in their splendid Ceccano.


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