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How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

The future is in the roots, and there are those for whom these roots never break! In this video we talk about the recipes of the Abruzzese cuisine, going to Teramo together with our friend Marzia Albanese. He had studied at the university in Teramo and it has left us the heart and the lightheartedness of those who still do not start their working life and commit the typical student jokes.

He sent us a story about one of the traditional dishes to celebrate May 1st: “The virtues”.

After publishing his story we received many messages from restaurateurs from all over Italy, who want to tell their dishes related to the territory. Abruzzo does not stop! For Marzia we have also written the Tourist Guide of Teramo, now online on our website, but we will continue to explore this beautiful Region with your help!


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