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Saturday, October 27 at 9.30 at the Teatro Comunale di Fiuggi the ‘Terre del Cesanese’ are told in a morning of meetings and tales and an afternoon of tasting at some of the famous Cesanese di Piglio, Olevano and Affile. The day is promoted by the Cesanese Wine Route and by the Slow Food Convivium “Territori del Cesanese”, thanks to the contribution of ARSIAL – Regione Lazio.

The first part of the morning is dedicated to a ‘technical meeting’ on one of the most debated topics among Italian winemakers: ‘Without Sulphites, the new challenge of natural wines in the Cesanese territories’.

Why this debate? Because the Cesanese wine has grown so much in the hearts of the people of this area to be a response to a search for identity of the territory. Because environmental sustainability is something that must concern each of us. Because the Cesanese has become a way of life for those who cultivate it and produce it and want to become a style that can also be identified by visitors and eno-gastronomic tourists.

The second part of the morning is then dedicated to the presentation of the Strada del Cesanese, a producer association that promotes the famous red wine and the fantastic territories where its grapes are grown. Countries with history that has its roots in the millennia. Villages where medieval history was written throughout Europe and which have been the center of the Western world for at least a couple of centuries. Anagni’s crypt is just one of the jewels that the whole world envies us.

Villages where you can launch with paragliding, enter caves with prehistoric graffiti, ride a bicycle along the ancient Rome-Fiuggi train line, ride a horse, walk and enjoy the oldest baths in Italy (known to Bonifacio VIII and Michelangelo).

The debate takes place in what was once the Hotel Excelsior in Fiuggi with the casino and today is one of the best hotel schools in Italy and a theater with its particular architectural style.

And to personally try everything that is told in the morning, you can book for a visit in some of the Cesanese cellars in the three production areas. Participants will be accompanied to the discovery of the wine with a tasting that will discover all its aromas and flavors.

Here you can appreciate the famous wine accompanied by local products. Here you can understand the ‘lifestyle of the Terre di Cesanese’. The ‘Cesanese lifestyle’.

For more information on the event, you can contact Roberta Gabrielli


telephone number: 392 2073 392

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