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A museum dedicated to one of the greatest contemporary artists on the splendid Terrace over Rome, Rocca Priora. Mario Benedetto Robazza had an extraordinary life that at a certain point led him to have a strong link with this village of the Roman Castles.

In addition to the paintings and sculptures inside the Museum, the great work of Hell inspired by the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri is on display in an open terrace. Panels sculpted for a total of 90 square meters that express all the emotional force of Dante in an artistic and emotional way. The extraordinary thing that marks the strong link between Discoverplaces and Rocca Priora is the new signage for tourists in the historic center.

On two big posters stand our “TOP THINGS TO DO” ​​that help the tourist to choose how to experience the true spirit of the town and what to do.

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