How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

Today we move to the Marches, to Montecarotto, the birthplace of the father of our dear Chiara Rossi.

Instead of considering staying at home as a catastrophe, Chiara and her parents took the opportunity to take a trip together with the rediscovery of the villages of origin.

After starting with Grotteria in Calabria, the mother’s country, today it’s the head of the family.

Let’s discover a beautiful village surrounded by the greenery of a beautiful region, which today houses just over 1000 inhabitants, and a sea of ​​wealth in its material heritage. In addition to the Tourist Guide, the country of watches has published a story about this curious feature, also talking about the beloved watchmaker who made all this possible. Many thanks to Chiara who wrote a beautiful article and to Giuliano Betti, who kindly gave us her splendid photos!


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