How to react to Coronavirus? #italianisuperanotutto

From Lombardy to Calabria

Many responded to our first video, with a solidarity and a desire to be reborn crazy that surprised us positively.

After the recording of the first part, we started to tell the countries of the “Red Zone”. We discovered a sea of ​​history and beauty that under all concern should be enhanced and promoted in order to make Codogno, Casalpusterlengo and many others known for what they really are, beautiful, ancient and full of opportunities.

After launching this message of solidarity, we received many comments from the inhabitants of these countries, who told us stories and sent many photos to enrich the web pages of their country. We thanked them.

We also discovered, thanks to them, a solidarity network that kept their spirits high during their quarantine period. An all-Italian spirit that we will never stop applauding.

But the most interesting story comes from Arena in Calabria with the story of the light plant that is animating the Discover Calabria group. A very nice story, and we recommend you read HERE. The English version was shared on social media and made read to all Arena emigrants abroad to keep in touch with them.




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