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A very interesting meeting in Sonnino in the ‘Friend of Tourist’ program with Arsial. In addition to the seminar on web communication and the way of storytelling on the web, we connected with our Town Ambassadors.
A live link with Mark A. Tempesta from the United States and Daiana Magalhaes from Australia who received the Town Ambassador award ( for their commitment to promoting Sonnino.
An interesting ‘digital meeting’ attended by over 30 people who crowded the hall of the Brigandage Museum. Mark and Denise told how they managed to gather many Sonnino descendants on the web who want to come and visit the country and taste its typical products.
We tasted local delights such as the famous ‘zazzicchia’ appreciated throughout Italy, the Itrana monocultivar oil and its derivatives (i.e. pickled table olives) and goat cheeses.
With us the mayor of Sonnino Luciano de Angelis, who made us a beautiful dedication on a museum book, and the regional councilor Laura Corrotti.

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