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Precious memories … like saffron!

In this video we go to Matese in Sassinoro, thanks to our friend Pasquale Mastrantuono.

Originally from this small town in the Benevento area, on the border with Molise, at the age of twenty he left for New York, as many young Italians do, to return 15 years later and find his roots in the country where he had shared many memories and memories.

He rediscovered the passion for his small town and opened a business on the cultivation of saffron. Now together with the family he manages “Zafferano del Matese“, a precious opportunity that enhances the territory and the tradition of its ancient productions.

Thanks to him, we also discovered this delightful town, we published the tourist guide of Sassinoro, which is now also embellished by the splendid photos of Pasquale, passionate about photography…!


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