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The future is in our roots, and we know it well! For years we have been promoting Italian roots with our Town Ambassador Award. We discover the entrepreneurs, the actors of our territories who love Italy, and do everything to promote it abroad. We help the descendants abroad who want to reconnect with their origins to tell their story, and build a cultural bridge that unites Italy to the many nations that have seen this phenomenon. We will be guests and Media Partners of a series of webinars dedicated to this topic, organized by Diego Collareda, broadcast on


Italia grande nel Mondo con i suoi discendenti Una serie di incontri con i protagonisti


Italia grande nel Mondo con i suoi discendenti

Il futuro è nelle nostre radici

Italia grande nel Mondo con i suoi discendenti Una serie di incontri con i protagonisti.

“Italy, Great around the world with its descendants”
A series of meetings with the protagonists

Between 1861 and 1985 about 18,725,000 Italians left the country, who over time created the 80 million Italian descendants who live outside the national borders.
Once they were called the “voyages of hope” and the first to leave by embarking in Genoa, Le Havre or Naples lived real odyssey that we will tell by interviewing some of the descendants.
Today we call them expats and they seem less distant to us, basically digital technology is getting us used to long-distance relationships, but the deep feelings are always the same.
Italians abroad have fought and suffered, but most of them have reached unthinkable goals. Today the First Lady has Italian origins and is proud of it and with her the whole Sicilian community of America.
Over time, relations between Italy and its children abroad have changed, we have instituted the vote of Italians abroad (which we have reduced by reducing the number of deputies) and the time has come to find new forms of connection between us and our brothers.

In this first meeting we will talk about new ways of building bridges such as that of the Town Ambassador Award with which the municipalities pay homage to those who have maintained a proactive relationship with their municipality of origin and who have obtained the patronage of MAECI and ENIT. The creator Claudia Bettiol will illustrate it to us with numerous stories of winners and anecdotes about the new generations.

Debora Bovenga, Valeria Altobelli, Giuliano Fabi and other local characters will speak with their stories.

Other events will see the direct participation of our fellow countrymen around the world who will tell their stories.
The aim is to reinforce a never broken bond by creating innovative ways of collaboration with the new generations.

Contemporary cities today have the duty to break down physical and immaterial boundaries to create opportunities for new and creative cultural, social and economic relations “.

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