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A new seminar of Friend of Tourist – “Amico del Turista” in Nettuno dedicated to local producers and catering operators who work in the tourism industry. The workshop was held inside Forte Sangallo,  a crowded room with an attentive audience eager to understand communication techniques on the web and on social media networks.
In addition to chefs and classic fish cuisine of the area, we had the pleasure of having the producer of the Nettuno DOC wine with cacchione grapes, which in some places are called bellone, an indigenous grape variety of this area that overlooks the coast south of Rome .
In Nettuno this vine is particularly important for the original “footless” cultivation technique, that is, the vines are the original ones and have not undergone grafting on other vines.
In the 1800s in Europe, the vines were destroyed by phylloxera, an insect from America, and to recover production, grafts were made on American vine roots that resisted the parasite.
But thanks to the particular type of sandy soil of Nettuno, the Cacchione plants were not attacked by the insect and are still the original ones that have their roots over the centuries. In particular, the members of Cantina Bacco have recovered the original plants by reproducing them by cutting to create new crops.

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