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How to react to Coronavirus? #ilfuturonellenostreradici

We are now people of wine!

After the walks in Magliano Sabina, we go to the glasses.

Today we are talking about a fine wine that originates in Magliano Sabina, produced by the Cantina dei Colli Sabini.

A reality that we had the pleasure of meeting during the Amico del Turista courses, organized by ARSIAL and Energitismo Italia, training workshops for local producers.

A young and full of spirit company, located in the least wine-growing province of Lazio, as our Fabio Ciarla says in the article dedicated to the wines of Rieti, but no less known or appreciated for this!

Today we discover their wines and the people who make all this beauty possible … the future lies in our local products, and in the roots … of our vineyards!


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