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Discoverplaces has become an associate of Lazioinnova, the agency of the Lazio Region which aims to promote entrepreneurship in the region and which manages Active Spaces.
Our collaboration will be mainly in the development of the tourism sector, a sector to which the Lazio Region cares a lot and which for the first time had a full-time councilor dedicated to this theme.
Our role will be to guarantee a certain number of hours dedicated to tutoring companies in the sector by coaching or mentoring and actively participate in the Lazioinnova ecosystem and initiatives.
Lazio Innova’s task will be to provide information and assistance in the feasibility assessment and in the compilation of the application for national and regional financing programs, to provide a preferential channel to the EEN branch, to organize meetings with companies in the sector, to encourage connection with research centers and providing assistance to companies also with training courses.
A collaboration that has already started with the activities of the Active Spaces to stimulate the growth of businesses in tourism.

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