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The CNR-ICVBC, Institute for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Lazio Innova, the municipality of Cave and and Altair4 will be in China for a 3-day event to exchange best practices in the field of promotion of small towns. Discoverplaces will be represented by Dr Claudia Bettiol.

In Shanghai, they will be hosted by WHITRAP-UNESCO, the institution that deals with the enhancement of World Heritage in Asia and the Pacific.

The Italian delegation will hold seminars, recount their experiences and will visit the small ‘Water City’ near Shanghai, jewels that deserve to be better known around the world.

In August, the Chinese delegation will be in Italy with professionals and students and will be welcomed in Cave. Seminars will be organized plus visits to ‘the beautiful Italian city of the Roman countryside’ hill.

The Discoverplaces group will be involved in both missions and its activities will address the role of Digital Story Telling.

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