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How to react to Coronavirus? #italianisuperanotutto

The revolt of Molise.

There are many tourists who will not visit Italy because of the emergency, there is also the risk that for a long time they will never return to see it. And what to do when tourism is one of the fundamental gears for our economy?

Like Discoverplaces, one of our goals is to make known the beauties of our heritage, not only to the Italians, but to all the world’s origins to know and re-know their country, starting from their roots.

Today we talked about the case of Gambatesa, a Municipality of Molise that we have told and of which we have uploaded the online Tourist Guide, to pay homage to the birthplace of our Webmaster, Gambatesanese DOC.

The response from the guide and the video was extraordinary, not only because the photos of this municipality arrived from America, but also because it created a real sentimental movement to say the least among its inhabitants, who shared the Guide on Gambatesa immigrant groups and on all dedicated portals, in Italian and English.

Indeed, the photos came to us from an Italian immigrant in Florida who made them available for his country of origin.

To be reborn you must also look to the past. Now more than ever we need to promote our beauties, and prepare the ground for tourists and our distant brothers who will want to visit us as soon as the emergency is over.

For this reason, if you want to help your country and you have a story to tell, write us!

We will tell it together in two languages, promoting it worldwide with you.

And if the guide of your country is already on our site, share it in the groups of Italians who still love him or could love him as much as you!

Let’s make ourselves known!




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