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Memories that smell of our land … and its sweets

Together with Francesco Alemanni we made another trip to Calabria through the memories of our friends. A story of images imprinted in the memory, not heavy suitcases but perfumes and sensations that remain under the skin like an essential protein of our existence.

The future is in our roots.

For many, the time to go digging into the knowledge of one’s roots is difficult. Before “going down” or “going up” was a moment. Now that we are at home, our hometown is made of memories.

For Francesco the most beautiful memories of his Vibo Valentia are the “Pitte Pie”, the Easter cake par excellence with which you wake up on Easter morning. A story that makes us feel the emotion of the “children” of Italy who are now far from their families, but connected in a single imperceptible apparatus of memories …

Thanks Francesco!


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