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Make a reservation for the first seminar titled:

“Identity: Who are you? How much value is your brand?”.

The seminar is organized by Claudia Bettiol and the Energitismo group and is part of the cycle:

“Do you love your job and are you special. What do you miss to be even more successful?”

The cycle consists of 9 workshops that will address the following topics:

  1. Identity: Who are you? How much value is your brand?
  2. Marketing with emotion: What do you offer to your customers?
  3. Adding value to your company with your territory. Attracting tourism
  4. Doing business with food
  5. Doing business with crafts
  6. Doing business with art
  7. Story telling on the web
  8. Social networks: how to use Facebook and Instagram?
  9. Communicate with images

Wednesday 8 June at Agriturismo Bertacco, Loc. Poggio Romano, Paliano at 19 00.

For reservations write to or call 366 36 96 229

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