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The case of Muro Lucano

After the success of the Gambatesa Guide, they sent us photographs from Muro Lucano in order to publish the guide of this splendid village in Basilicata. A request that we took without thinking twice.

Another village that has a history full of charm, and which has a large number of its inhabitants and descendants abroad. The beautiful stories must be told, and we are now waiting for the curiosities of Muro Lucano to be told and promoted on our portal, as we did for Arena and Gambatesa.

But everyone must do their part and those who sent us the photos are now engaged in promoting the content on the social networks of Muro Lucano on which residents and emigrants are in contact.

In a tourism that for the moment can only be digital, we must continue to tell each other, to prepare our country to be reborn stronger than before.

And we will do this also together with our community, which every day never ceases to amaze us with their photos, stories and above all their love for “their own Italy”!




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