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This Thursday we talked about Acuto, a splendid town in the Province of Frosinone, from which you can enjoy a fantastic panorama!

We continue our journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting towns of Lazio with our weekly appointment together with Radio Radio and ANCI Lazio, in the broadcast “Amico Comune”, where every Thursday we talk about a town of the Lazio Region together with its Mayor.

Art, tradition, and an unprecedented local gastronomy!

Acuto is famous for its Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine, its oil and for… .music!

Every year important events involving neighboring towns, such as AcutoJazz, Saltaranta.

We advised the mayor to maintain this link with music also digitally so as not to waste all the work of the past years.

And if we cannot go to the “Sbaragagli” festival, the famous Acuto asparagus this year, we can always go to Salvatore Tassa 1 Michelin Star when we can return to live outside our homes.

A village that we look forward to seeing again, and that in the meantime you can get to know with Acuto through our Tourist Guide.

Until next week in the company of our listeners and another splendid Municipality of Lazio.

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