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We are delighted to share and publish the communication of the Municipality of Sciacca on its official social pages. We sent a video that told the experience we lived working with our Town Ambassador Award, the reasons that made us start, and why it is more important than ever to keep alive the memory of our roots, and those of descendants. Italians who have left our country and who have never forgotten it.

Here is the link to our video:

And the text published by the Municipality!

“A recognition, the TOWN AMBASSADOR, to the love that many people have given for years, and abroad, without asking for anything in return”.
Greetings to Sciacca by Claudia Bettiol, of after the award assigned to Kenny Palazzolo, for having contributed in America to keep alive the bond with our and her city, the faith in the Madonna del Soccorso and the best traditions of the land of origin of his ancestors.

The Municipality of Sciacca joined the Town Ambassador this year. An initiative to “build bridges with Italians abroad and with their descendants”.

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