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Conad is perhaps the most sparkling and positive distribution chain in the market, both in its results and in the relationship it establishes with customers. It is no coincidence that he therefore commissioned a research at Censis to understand the mood and perspectives of Italians.

Research must be read in depth to understand some dynamics, one thing is certain: young people leave Italy because they do not see prospects for realizing their dreams. Maybe they can’t even dream.

We are becoming an increasingly old country, and it is not nice to parents to see their children go to another country and have the near certainty that they will not return.

Can we reverse this process?

Maybe. But if we are not aware of the internal dynamics of society, we cannot imagine building an alternative. Perhaps without studying we cannot even be able to imagine an alternative.

Awareness of our limitations and a little bit of professionalizing (but also introspective) study are certainly the first steps to take to return our children ‘s dreams and the certainty that they can achieve them even in Italy if they commit themselves.

These are some final passages extracted directly from the report:

The independence of the subject is valuable

Decisive in this phase is the independent role of economic and social subjects, which have their own reason for existence and reproduction in development and who are naturally carriers of social and cultural stories different to those of resentment.

To the old myth of the producer alliance, it is necessary today to substitute the convergence and sharing of objectives and practices of the subjects that make development their priority: the independence and collaboration of these subjects are today a decisive value in our society.

Thus it is important to value, promote and protect the economic and social subjects who are active and need a climate favorable to individual freedom and choice and a good social relatedness.


In this phase it becomes crucial to make the connection between the ‘imaginary of us’ and development evident and powerful, as a global alternative to the imagination of the ‘selfish ego’ as a driving force for decline and stagnation.


Dreaming means to force the future, to go beyond the pure refusal of something (from the outcomes of globalization to the change of everyday life), to think big having as a precise reference of an image of development of individual freedom, which is the most powerful engine to improve and, today, to generate widespread social responsibility, which creates ties, social value, collective culture: after all it is what Italians have long started to do in new consumption, rewarding those that are good for people, communities, environment.”

The part that most impressed us about his conclusions is the one we feel closer to our way of working, but above all to the commitment we have been putting into promoting territories and training businesses and children for years.

We need to put at the centre not everything that divides people, rather the great thread that can unite: the aspiration to improve, to grow, the perception that we can access a better condition“.all coaches: in the end we see the results!

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