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Accepted by the CEO of the Valmontone park, we participated in a meeting with operators in the tourism sector that was to illustrate the change of pace of the park.

New ownership, but above all new investments and tons of paint. This is the new course in a nutshell.

Investors are an investment fund that took over the property from the court, paid the creditors and closed agreements with the banks with a credible business plan. The exit strategy of the fund is in 5 years so it is really clear that they are interested in the development of the park.

But does the development of the park coincide with the development of the area?

It had been years since I entered a theme park and the feeling that life inside the parks is the same as when I left them, while everything has changed outside the world, creating a certain dystonia.

It is as if the distance between the real world and the world of entertainment has been accentuated, while perhaps it is only my feeling of being an operator in the ‘minor’ tourism sector, the one linked to culture. However, the word “culture” should be considered in its broadest sense and not limited to the historical and artistic heritage. From food to music, from science to science fiction.

My particular feeling is that Valmontone’s Rainbow Magic Land park must become a heritage for the entire community of countries across a vast area. But to do this we need to build bridges that also reflect the type of relationship that must be established so that we can all come out winning: the park with more visitors and the territory itself that becomes the park’s emotional promoter and becomes a tourist destination.

Another consideration to which I will reflect again in the coming days (or months) is the age range of the target that has been chosen as the ideal park customer.

In my humble opinion, the ten years of crisis that separate us from the date of inauguration of the Valmontone park have led to so many socio-economic changes that, alongside the traditional target, we can imagine others that can compensate for periods of low turnout.

Other people, however, may be attracted to the park by using it differently. Fun is also a form of culture, but culture can also be fun.

Other suggestions soon, in the meantime “Ad Maiora” for the 10 years of Valmontone Rainbow Magic Land.

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