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  • Carnevale Aquesiano Acquapendente

The Acquapendente Carnival is a very popular event whose symbol is the typical mask of the Saltaripe with its costume that shows the colours of the rainbow. The mask of the Saltaripe was designed in 1960 by Cesare Bertuzzi, who portrayed him while he laughs and holds the clock tower in his hand. The mask represents a lazy but at the same time cheerful character, who loves jokes and lies, called in the dialect of Acquapendente “fregnacce”.

Accompanying the Carnival of Acquapendente there is the Fregnaccia Festival, a pancake prepared with pork fat, flour and water. The fregnaccia is consumed after having been flavoured with sugar or chocolate, or you can taste the savoury pancake with a little ‘pecorino cheese’.

At the end of the Carnival of Acquapendente there is the traditional Cremazione di Carnevalaccio (cremation of the carnival), which is staged on Shrove Tuesday when a large fire is lit to burn a puppet and symbolically transform the Carnival into ashes.


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