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The amphitheatre is located in the upper part of Albano Laziale, outside of what was once the fence of the Second Partic Legion.

The elliptical construction was carried out by the workers of the Partic Legion, at the beginning of the 3rd century A.D., taking advantage of the slope of the place. So a part of the amphitheatre was made by digging in peperino stone, then an embankment was built to have a flat surface and then the masonry parts of the amphitheatre.

The part made of masonry had two floors (for a total of 22 meters) and on one side it had the tiers for the public and on the other it had access corridors and warehouses. Its shape was elliptical and its external dimensions were 113 meters and about 95, while the arena was 67.5 x 45 meters.

The arena was accessed by two triumphal entrances and three secondary entrances and the amphitheatre could hold about 16,000 spectators with a place of honour reserved for the emperor and his court and one reserved for the editor, the ‘artistic director’ of the shows .

During the Second World War, a German post positioned itself in the amphitheatre so that it was heavily bombed by the Allies.

Today it hosts a rich opera and theatre season.


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