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Looking at the Valle del Tronto where Ascoli Piceno is located, one is immediately surprised by the large number of towers that characterize it.

At the height of its splendor in the Middle Ages, in Ascoli Piceno there were about 200 towers each built by rich families who wanted to show their power.

Today about 50 remain, some of which have been lowered to become part of houses, and 2 of them have become church bell towers.

The city is divided into 6 Sestrieri each of which has its own rider who competes in the Giostra della Quintana.

The heart of the medieval city was called La Piazzarola and was located around the Church of Sant’Angelo Magno. To this day, it is still an experience to get lost in the alleys between towers and ‘gardens surrounded by walls’. Until a century ago in this district there were the stables of the charcoal burners, who delivered the coal to the houses, and the laundry places.

Do not miss Rua di Stelle which runs along the Tronto river, and whose high up position is used by lovers for their romantic moments.


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