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The Ausoni Mountains Regional Nature Park and Lake Fondi includes natural, geological and archaeological beauties and is a continuous discovery site for trekkers and outdoor life lovers. The park has the famous Cave of Pastena, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, the Monastery of San Magno in Fondi, the cork forest of San Vito at Monte San Biagio, the ruins of Vallecorsa to name only the most famous. It is easy to get into the remains of polygonal walls dating back to the ancient populations of Southern Lazio.

The combination of mountains and coastal areas, such as the lake of Fondi, makes the natural experience even more interesting because it includes a wide variety of animal and plant species.

The park extends over 8,500 hectares and includes part of the territory of the Municipalities of Fondi, Lenola, Monte San Biagio, Roccasecca dei Volsci, Sonnino, Terracina, Amaseno, Castro dei Volsci, Pastena and Vallecorsa. Other features are the lake of Fondi and the surrounding wetlands, and the extraordinary karst rock formations of Camposoriano.




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