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In Villa Latina a festival is held dedicated to Bagpipe where musicians from the Italian folk scene participate. Historically Villa Latina is one of the richest Ciociarian towns of bagpipe players and boasts a primacy in the construction of this instrument.

The Bagpipe festival of Villa Latina was founded in the 1980s from an idea of ​​the master Cesare Perilli and on this occasion the master pipers and artisans meet to the rhythm of the sounds of the folk traditions of the Valle di Comino.

The festival begins with the free performances of the musicians at the Zampogna Museum that continue along the streets of the village. It is an essential meeting between dances, passionate music and folk jam sessions.

The festival hosts an exhibition-market of folk instruments and handcrafted violin making. The streets of the village are filled with craftsmen builders of bagpipes and musicians in their traditional clothes.

In the evening there is the exhibition of the best groups linked to the territory and its history, with a special moment dedicated to the participation of Gianni Perilli, son of the founder and famous eclectic instrumentalist.

An opportunity to discover the wonders of this instrument up close and to let yourself be carried away with the rhythms and the sounds of the traditions of ciociaria and of southern Italy.