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In Barbarano Romano, San Giuliano is named after the Saint venerated in a modest little church on the plateau and corresponds to the area of ​​the ancient Etruscan settlement of Marturanum.

The town dates back to the Villanovan period, X sec. BC, while it has had a period of prosperity between the seventh and third centuries BC. The cemeteries that surround it show the different burial techniques that were used over the years. From large mounds built into blocks or made in tuff, to the chamber tombs with portico, with the cultural influence of Ceri, to the cube tombs. Then there are scattered graves, niches and burial recesses.

The most important tombs are in the necropolis of Poggio Castle, Greppo Cenale, Caiolo, Poggio San Simon, Ara Treasury, Chiusa Cima and Chiuse Vallerani.


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