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The Basilica of Santa Teresa of the Baby Jesus and the religious complex are located at the entrance of Anzio, on a hill overlooking the sea, and were designed by architect Alfredo Paoletti in 1925, recalling the Romanesque style. In those years the sanctification of this French girl occurred just 28 years after her death.

The church was completed in 1939 and was inaugurated by a message from the pope and the religious sisters of the saint. And perhaps this blessing was providential because the sanctuary was saved from the bombing and for a long time hosted the citizens of Anzio during the war.

The facade is made of bricks with an entrance door protected by a small portico, a loggia with three-pane windows and a large central white rose window.

The interior of the church is in the form of a Latin cross with large openings, stained glass windows and a clever use of bricks and cement that give a mystical atmosphere. The Romanesque style was accentuated by the choice of floor decorations that recall the cosmatesque style.

The central altar is adorned with a marble sculpture representing the saint with a bundle of roses and is protected by a small marble temple. Behind the altar is the choir and the organ pipes can be distinguished.

A side chapel is dedicated to the relics of the saint with a statue that represents her on her death bed and some of her belongings.

A large bell tower of six levels with openings is located in the courtyard in front of the church and characterizes its image from the distance.


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