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An original Easter Monday is the one that is experienced in Blera where on this day the patron Saint Vivenzio is celebrated with a pilgrimage on foot up to his cave. A walk of over 12 kilometers to get to Norchia where the saint lived.

The procession brings out a relic of the saint and is led by the La Bianca Brotherhood while everyone sings sacred songs according to a pattern that has been repeated for centuries.

Here in the hermitage of San Vivenzio, which was the first bishop of the diocese from 457 to 484, there is a solemn mass followed by an Easter picnic. Among the foods chosen by the pilgrims and the faithful there will be those of the traditional Easter breakfast: boiled eggs, pizza, salami and chocolate.

The return is scheduled in the afternoon for the final blessing in front of the Suffrage church with the background music of the local band.


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