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The Snail Festival of Bomarzo in the Parco delle Stelle, the outdoor area that welcomes most of the events in this small village of Tuscia, is one of the most awaited events in June and this year of 2018, from 15th to 17th.

The snails that are cooked during the feast come from a local farm, which can be seen during the festival period. The passion and care for the traditional raw materials, all coming from ‘next door’, make the dish a quality product, although not always meeting the favour of some of those present.

As an alternative to snails, the food stand offers a menu more suited to traditional tastes.

Today, the importance of snails in the European gastronomic scenario has grown to the point that many quality snail farms have been established that export all over the world.

If the snails are not your ‘cup of tea’, maybe try the terrifying stone monsters of Bomarzo Monster Park



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