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Its origins date back to the mid-tenth century, when it was built for defence of the first settlement. It failed to fulfill its defensive function, while it acquired the appearance of a residential dwelling. At the end of the fifteenth century, the fortress was transformed more and more into a new residential building in the central square tower, with a drawbridge that gives access to the spacious and elegant interior courtyard. A chapel was built inside the castle and the rooms were frescoed by the brothers Taddeo and Federico Zuccari, two important members of Roman Mannerism. After this splendour, the owners resided mainly in Sagna and the castle was neglected until the mid-nineteenth century when the building was connected to the village with a staircase carved into the tuff.  In 1889 the castle was bought by the wife of Prince Brancaccio who arranged for the building to be expanded with a new wing to the east connecting with the west wing by two overpasses on the main street of the village. The bell tower was replaced with a square tower and a round tower was built onto the west in harmony with the new one to the east. The many rooms were decorated with frescoes and decorations for the visit of Queen Margherita in 1899.

Today the castle is owned by the town.