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The majestic Caetani Castle of Sermoneta dominates the entire Pontine Plain. Built in the early 1200s by the Annibaldi was the main home of the Caetani family and, certainly, the protagonist of the story. For a certain period he was also entrusted to Lucrezia Borgia when Pope Alexander VI Borgia expropriated the Caetani. The Borgias completed the building complex with fortification works and the “Cittadella” designed by Antonio da Sangallo.

The castle is one of the best preserved monuments of the ancient medieval architecture of Lazio and Italy and is managed by the Roffredo Caetani Foundation.
The Castle is now integrated with the surrounding country and, for more than a quarter of a century, has been a place for cultural meetings. For a long period of the year it is inhabited by artists and scholars of various disciplines that follow, for example, restoration courses and music.


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