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Canepina, a town in the heart of Viterbo’s Tuscia, is organizing a weekend to celebrate its most famous dish, the “maccaroni” best known as “Canepinese hay”.

This pasta is considered one of the most tasty traditional products of the area and takes its name from its particular consistency and from the commune in which it was born and to which it has been deeply linked since ancient times. The technique of processing pasta has remained unchanged over time, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to prepare a top quality product.

The original recipe includes the use of eggs and flour and a laborious process: a very thin sheet is prepared which, after being rolled up on itself, is cut very narrow and left to dry for a day. This very thin pasta form has been produced since the Middle Ages faithfully following the same recipe handed down from generation to generation. The Hay of Canepina is  seasoned with meat sauce or porcini mushrooms from the Cimini Mountains and is one of the gastronomic symbols of this beautiful region.

During the festival there will be no lack of musical events and games in the square to celebrate this pasta that because of its link with history, culture and local tradition, has a role in the community.

It will also be possible to book guided tours to discover this small village in the green hills of Tuscia.



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