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The museum is located inside the ancient refectory of the Abbey of Casamari and tells the whole territory starting from prehistory: from tusks of elephas antiquus, burials of the age of copper, and archaeological finds that can be traced back to the populations of the Ernici and Volsci
Then you go to the Roman city of Cereatae, which was active until the barbarian invasions of the fifth century AD, and in the museum are inscribed epigraphs with dedications to the emperors Caracalla and Adriano and a collection of votive objects that includes statues and representations of part of human body for which a grace was required.
The Middle Ages are represented by a detached fresco representing the beheading of Bishop Thomas Beckett, which took place in 1169 in Canterbury.
The museum also includes a collection of paintings by great painters including Annibale Carracci, the Caravaggesco Giovanni Serodine and Francesco Solimena