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Around a thousand residents sought refuge from the Saracens and the Huns, in fortifications in the high places, and this was the beginning of the Sinibalda Rocca Castle.

The building has the shape of an eagle with spread wings, with the body that rests directly on the rock. You enter through a laminated iron gate at whose side there is a door, called the door of the dead, which now leads to the bell tower with the clock.

The castle consists of the tower and the elegant residential building that are connected by a complex system of walls and towers. The interior is divided into two large courtyards and in three main opulent apartments with frescoes of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The transformation of the original fortress into the beautiful and rugged design was commissioned by Cardinal Cesarini. Today the castle is perfectly preserved thanks to the restoration commissioned by Corbi family in 1928.